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Biodiversity of Margalla Trail 5 – Islamabad

This video is a small effort to showcase the biodiversity of Margalla Hills National Park by our founder Syed Hasnain Raza who is a certified Natgeo Educator. Due to Covid 19, Trail 6 was closed and we couldn’t film it. Margalla Hills National park is footstep of Himalayan Mountain ranges, it has a covered area of 17,000 Hectares with abundant in Biodiversity. . There is huge potential for promoting Ecotourism, Nature and Biodiversity amongst the people of Islamabad and Pakistan during this time where Pakistan is in Top 10 Countries worst effected by Climate Change. This can be a best source of awareness as it is at the door step of provincial capital. . Please do watch our other videos specifically focusing on Wildlife of Margalla Hills national Park...

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Plastic Towns Pakistan Part 1







On World Environment Day, we recorded a glimpse of towns full of plastic waste in Pakistan. A country which in top 10 countries worst affected by Climate Change. The video depicts the natural beauty of the town an how people have taken it for granted and turned the natural flowing streams into sewerage rivers. Plastics wastes are everywhere as like people don’t know what to do with their Plastic Waste. Something is missing and that is sense of awareness about Environmental Problems. This needs to be changed or the results are going to be devastated. These people need basic and advanced Environmental Awareness and Education.

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